Switch Mount for Panel Mounted Gauge

This mount is attached to the back of a gauge allowing for easy access of a side switch. The switch in the image  is used to control an added radiator fan. With the switch directly beside the water temp gauge, it makes for timely response to increased temperatures. Since your attention was already directed towards the gauge, it does not take much more effort to flip the switch at the gauge.


Simply unscrew the collar from behind the gauge slide this between the mounting collar and reattach. No need to disconnect any of the gauge connections the mount will slide past the wires. It is designed for a  2″ (50mm) gauge and has a switch mount hole size  0.49″x 0.75″ (12.5 x 19mm)


Specify if the gauge panel will be mounted from the top or bottom and which side you would like the switch to be located. The switch mounting hole may be adjusted based on your switch requirements.

$8 each (Free Shipping Continental US)

Optional +$1.50  if you want me to include a switch as pictured

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