Bottle Cap Ant Trap

This ant trap uses a bottle cap for easy clean up. Sure you could probably just a bottle cap, but this trap will help identify your traps and prevent accidental spillage.

Simply place a bottle cap in the base and add which ever poison you wish. I’ve used a sugar and borax (3:1) water mix with good results. Recipe is easy to find on the internet.

CAUTION: Recipe is hazardous to people and pets. Be mindful when placing.

At first you will see an increase in the number of ants. This is a good thing they are bringing the poison back to the nest. After a few days you will see less and less ants.

Check traps regularly when water evaporates add more of your mixture to the traps, because ants like the water too! Replace the bottle cap when it gets too gummed up, but hopefully by that time you will not see anymore ants.


Ordering information soon to come.